Month: January 2022


Perhaps it was once a game which had meaning, a test between two brothers, but any element of fun is long gone for Lucas, orphaned along with his
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Laguna Ave

Things are not going well for Russell; he’s lost his job with his former employer owing him $3,000, his girlfriend Rita is heading out of town for a
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Bite Me

She would probably be happier living in the secluded shadows of a forest but Sarah Woods is in the jungle of the Big Apple, living with her supportive
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Nightmare Alley

Last stop, end of the line, leaving behind a homestead burned to the ground to conceal the secrets buried within, with the screech of the train brakes Stanton
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Ninety years old, the clock ticking away the slow processes of his life and the chimes a painful cacophony to his ears, Ulises cannot remember what he is
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The Last Thing Mary Saw

Southold, New York, the unkind winter of 1843, an apparently quiet and observant village where outrage has been heaped upon offence behind closed doors, the discovery of abomination
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Arctic Void

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub, who do you think they are? There is travel show host Ray Marsh, his producer/director Alan Meursalt, and their replacement cameraman Sean
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The Rock of Ages

In armour and animals skins the masked soldier walks under grey skies and rain, through valley and river, across mossy rocks and to the jagged foot of the
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