Month: February 2022


The Curzon, Clevedon, an old-fashioned theatre in a second-rate seaside town, the auditorium closer to empty than full, perhaps explaining the half-hearted performance of “psychic medium and mind
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The Long Walk

It’s been fifty years since the installation of the first solar panels by a well-intentioned but misguided foreign aid organisation, the villagers having no use for electricity, to
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The Gentle Gunman

Just across the border from Northern Ireland, the land to the north is regarded as “occupied territory” by the men who meet covertly at Fagan’s Garage as they
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Here Before

A housing estate on the edge of Belfast, nestled against the hills; Laura rakes the garden, clearing out the dead leaves and debris to make space for fresh
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Flee the Light

It’s Andra’s birthday and her sister Delfi wants it to be perfect; the first attempt at breakfast overcooked, she throws it out and starts again so as not
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Deadly Games

It’s a small town nestled in the hills of California; the girls who comprised the high school clique still lunch together and needle the waitress who didn’t marry
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A call from her boyfriend and an ultimatum; Chris is trying to save their long-distance relationship but is Grace? He wants to see her, but she doesn’t seem
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