Month: March 2022


The sun rises and sets, the world turns and people age and die, but the undead persist, principal among their hierarchy the vampires: previewed at a themed costume
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The Silent Enemy

Following closely in the wake of Gift Horse comes another classic of British war cinema from StudioCanal, The Silent Enemy of 1958, again inspired by a true story
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The Cellar

The final film of FrightFest at the 2022 Glasgow Film Festival was also the fourth Irish film to be screened over the weekend, writer/director Brendan Muldowney taking the
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Freaks Out

Rome, 1943, the Circo Mezza Piotta where nothing is as it seems, Cencio dancing with fireflies and offering a scorpion kiss, Mario clowning about with magnetism, and dropping
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Gift Horse

The saying is that one should not look a gift horse in the mouth, and five years into the Second World War it is certainly not the policy
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The Last Rite

Lucy Morgan, medical student, living with her art dealer boyfriend Ben in their model home with its white walls and tasteful white furnishings, suffering from sleep paralysis and
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It’s not easy for a working single mother of a young son in a new place, Laura Butler having relocated to the valleys and rented a remote house
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The Ledge

The big space, open sky and rugged rocks of the Dolemites in northeastern Italy, one of the most stunning ranges in the Alps and a challenge even to
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