Month: April 2022

Innocents in Paris

Now departing from London, the British European Airlines Silver Wing for France, aboard it high ranking civil servant Sir Norman Baker, on his way to an important conference,
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“It would be vain my attempting to tell you the horror with which, even now, I recall the occurrence of that night.” So wrote Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
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The Northman

From a Puritan family whittled down by tragedy in the misty forests of New England to an island occupied by two men whose sanity is eroded by the
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Girls Nite Out

DeWitt University, Westville, Ohio, and on the basketball court the DeWitt Bears eke their way to victory in the final seconds thanks to Pete “Maniac” Kriziniac; it’s going
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Virus :32

It’s not that Iris doesn’t love her daughter Tata, she does, and would do absolutely everything for her, it’s just that barely able to cope with her own
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The Sacred Spirit

Julio Expósito, publicly a successful businessman, owner of an estate agent and a supermarket, but also the author of the books Camino Cósmico (Cosmic Path) and El Secreto
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