Month: May 2022

Cop Secret

It’s a beautiful day on the streets of Reykjavík spoiled by another bank robbery with police officers Bússi and Klemenz following the suspect escaping on motorbike and fast
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A Banquet

Life is rarely kind, but sometimes it is particularly cruel; Holly scrubbing the bed in which her dying husband Jason lies, massaging his back to clear his lungs
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“An archaeologist dips into the past with their intelligence, not superstition,” Professor Paul Evans cautions his friend and associate Liza, knowing that she has a fondness for participating
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I Am a Camera

An Englishman abroad, Christopher Isherwood visited Berlin twice in 1929 before moving there towards the end of that year, his home until 1933 and the inspiration for the
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The Innocents

A new place and a new beginning, a high-rise block of flats atop a wooded hill, open spaces to explore and new friends to make, everything is different
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“Society has many ways of defending itself: red tape, prison bars, or the revolver.” Three friends separated by time and circumstance, one of them has reached the end
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