Month: June 2022


The slum districts of Chicago, 1987, Angie Pittarelli trying to make ends meet and support both herself and nephew David by working as a stripper at Revealers, harassed
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The Black Phone

North Denver, 1978; school is hell for Finney Shaw, targeted by a gang of bullies for whom taunts and cruel behaviour are less satisfying than physical violence, nor
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Execution in Autumn

Spring and summer a time of growth, “executions mandated by the court guard wait for the autumn equinox.” Having already attempted escape once, pursued by officers of the
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Extreme Prejudice

His name linked in various capacities with films as diverse as The Warriors, Alien, Streets of Fire, Crossroads and Supernova, it was in 1987 that director Walter Hill
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Her movie star mother Ava Aldrich having spent the few lucid moments of her dying days begging her daughter Marie not to allow her remains to be taken
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