Month: August 2022

They Who Dare

The summer of 1942, the war raging in Europe and Africa, Allied shipping is threatened by Luftwaffe forces based in the occupied Greek island of Rhodes; an all-out
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As children they played, not with toys but with electronics, Martha and Thomasina Hanbury, one the designer the other the engineer who built her sister’s inventions, the greatest
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Valeria Hernandez pregnant with her first child, her husband Raúl is delighted, and her mother Maricarmen regards it as a miracle, the result of Valeria’s pious attendance and
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Flux Gourmet

Creators of aural delights, of sumptuous sonic banquets, the collective comprising Billy Rubin, Lamina Propria and their leader Elle di Elle, along with journalist Stone who will chronicle
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Margaret Ballion pushes herself hard, the single and fiercely protective mother of a teenage girl, an executive in a biotechnology company developing gene therapies and chemotherapy regimes, running
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Hiya Dolly!

Every family justly proud of their first child, the white-faced Finnish Dorset born on Friday 5th July 1996 at Roslin outside Edinburgh was a cause for special celebration
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The Stones

Subjected to an assault at the school at which he works, more upsetting than injurious, teacher Nick walks out of both the job and his relationship with his
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So Vam

Another day of high school hell for Kurt, bullied in class with teachers turning a blind eye, bullied in the corridors, bullied on the way home, the anger
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