Month: September 2022

Queer for Fear

Horror a broad church with a diverse congregation, it is also one of the oldest, founded on folklore and communicated through tales cautioning to be wary of everything
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Bullied at school and carrying the memory with her, Cecilia has not only moved past the hold that trauma once held over her, visualising an invisible boundary which
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Raven’s Hollow

A routine horseback patrol through the wooded expanses of upstate New York leading to a shocking discovery by Cadets Becker, Bishop, Cricke, Poe and Taylor, a man tied
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Conjuring the Beyond

Unemployed, divorced, suffering from anxiety and depression and living with her brother and his wife whom she conspicuously avoids, Wanda Fulcia sees an opportunity to get a few
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Tourist Trap

Five friends travelling in a convoy through the backroads of the California hills under the scorching sun, Woody and Eileen suffer a flat tyre when they hit a
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Clerks III

Almost thirty years after he first worked there and fifteen years since he bought a part share in it after a brief spell at Mooby’s, Dante Hicks still
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Speak No Evil

A chance encounter by the pool in the valleys of Tuscany while on holiday under the sun, Danish family Bjørn, Louise and their daughter Agnes and her stuffed
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Her mother presents their lives as perfection on her video blog Lovely Everyday Life, every moment a success, every movement planned and every smile practiced yet presented as
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