Month: October 2022


It was a trauma from which the Coyle family never recovered, a rainy day camping in the woods near Living Springs in northern California, Tessa going down to
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Something in the Dirt

An apartment unoccupied for a decade, Levi Danube has rented it unseen having sold his own place prior to relocating outside the city; making friends with long-term resident
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Lost Highway

Was it by coincidence or design that David Lynch’s Lost Highway was distributed by Janus Films, their logo which opens the credits the two-faced Roman god “of transitions,
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Post Mortem

It was on the mud-sodden fields of the Great War that Tomás declared dead, killed by the blast from a shell, his body tossed in a pit along
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I, the Jury

Christmas, the season of joy, goodwill and forgiveness, but not for New York private detective Mike Hammer; his friend Jack Williams whom he served alongside in the war
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It’s been ten years since the original V/H/S found footage anthology was released, the subsequent decade having seen a trio of sequels, V/H/S/2, V/H/S: Viral and V/H/S/94, now
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Doctor Who Am I

It was in the summer of 1996 that the television movie titled Doctor Who was broadcast, first in Canada, two weeks later in Britain then two days later
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