Month: April 2023


Married to a successful writer, Doctor Timuçin Erguvan, living together outside Istanbul having returned after several years in New York, to those looking through the tall plate glass
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From Black

Most tragedies are preventable, but for Cora Loewen the burden is worse for knowing the responsibility is hers alone, awoken from a drugged stupor at the home of
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Lovers Lane

It’s been thirteen years since the Valentine’s Day murders at Lovers Lane, Sheriff Tom Anderson summoned to the scene only to find his wife Harriet was one of
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Robert Montague Renfield is in a destructive relationship which cost him his family, his career goals and his personal dreams and has left him in the service of
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Kids vs Aliens

It doesn’t matter how much Samantha loves her little brother Gary, dutifully playing her part in the films he makes with friends Miles and Jack in the wrestling
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