Month: June 2023

Le Mépris

It is a film about film, about the creation of artifice which pretends to be reality, a depiction scripted, staged and rehearsed before the camera is loaded in
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Asteroid City

It is a hole in the ground, the formation of which was estimated and arbitrarily assigned to September 23rd 3,007BC, now celebrated on that date each year with
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Black Lotus

A man who exists in the shadows as much as possible, shadows into which he stepped more fully five years previously following the death of his commanding officer
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Fists in the Pocket

The sixties were a time of change and possibility, but opportunities depend on circumstance and are not open to everyone; the eldest of four siblings Augusto splits his
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Samurai Reincarnation

The year 1638 time of bloody upheaval, the Shimabar Rebellion has been put down, Amakusa Shirō and his Christian followers whom he led against the Tokugawa Shogunate defeated
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Sight Extended

A chronic agoraphobic caught in a mindset of failure which stems from the traumatic accident many years before which killed his parents and left him hospitalised for months,
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They’re on opposite sides of the law but they have more in common than they would ever like to consider; Detective Mike Breslin, his pregnant wife murdered by
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