Month: August 2023


February 2014, a simpler time in a simpler place, a picturesque village in the Flemish region of Belgium where even the smiling welcome in the local patisserie makes
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High above the atmosphere the satellite transmits to the cities below, a dozen channels received across the continent, news, sitcoms, televangelists, documentaries, special interest material and a myriad
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It’s a moment James has known is coming yet for which he has failed to prepare; his business loan six months in arrears, he has four days to
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Shadow Kingdom

Minerva was popular among everyone who knew her but her best friend was always her smartphone, never far from her hand everywhere she went through the day and
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The forested hills and valleys of Scotland, full of mist and mystery, the hunting ground for father Don and his three sons, John, Henry and Vince, youngest and
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The Dive

Their car winding its way along the desiccated road, no sign of civilisation as far as the eye can see, beyond the sheer drop of weather sculpted cliff-faces
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Black Martini

It’s all going down at the Black Martini Casino, manager Pippin Timmins flash in his wardrobe of striped silk shirts but highly strung over the unsustainable losses at
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Brazil a country of those who have everything they desire yet live in fear behind high iron gates, and those that do not, working long hours for a
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