Month: September 2023

Unidentified Objects

The universe is vast, mysterious, glorious and beyond comprehension, so in all the diverse dazzling complexity of the stars, planets, nebulae and the myriad lifeforms which inhabit just
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The Wicker Man

It was a curious missing persons case reported directly to Sergeant Neil Howie of the West Highland Constabulary, an anonymous letter stating that twelve year old Rowan Morrison
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The Creator

Technological advance is incremental but its progress is inevitable, the introduction of androids possessed of an adaptive artificial intelligence called Simulants to perform household chores efficiently and without
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The spring of 1942, the third year of the Second World War and following the attack on Pearl Harbour the United States has joined the conflict, offering support
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To Robbie it seems a good deal, an apartment which is on the market at a price below what would be expected because the previous tenant died on
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Blood Flower

It’s a gift which runs in the family, Iqbal bin Salim a healer like his mother Dina, his father Norman and younger sister Ilya spared what the two
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The Moor

It was a teenage prank, a momentary thrill with a sugar rush to follow, Claire using Danny to distract the shopkeeper while she filled her bag with Opal
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It’s a week long trip to the backwoods of Missouri for Jamie Miller and Alex Kanai, trying to leave their problems behind and put their broken relationship back
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