Month: November 2023

The Quantum Devil

They are young, ambitious and capable, and they all have something in their pasts to hide, secrets known by their host Doctor Richard Cernovich, the genial manner of
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It’s the holiday when families are supposed to come together and express gratitude for all they have and each other, but in the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, Thanksgiving
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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

It was literally a series of Earth-shattering events, the very ground splitting open and letting loose prehistoric monsters whose revealed existence shocked and terrified those who were unfortunate
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A creature of two worlds, the Dampyr is born under a full moon above stormy clouds even as its human mother breathes her last, the three witches chanting
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The Marvels

Under an angry star the planet Hala is dying, its leader Dar-Benn seeking out an ancient artefact which will allow her to tap the resources of limitless energy,
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Space Oddity

Its sidereal rotation period around twenty four hours and forty minutes, that is about the only common ground between Mars and Earth, orbiting farther from the Sun and
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The Tank

It’s rare for unexpected good news to make a genuine difference but for Jules and Ben Adams, struggling to make ends meet at their exotic pet shop in
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