Month: December 2023


A project which has grown so large it has taken a life of its own, unable to be comprehended by a single mind, investigative panel or corporate board,
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Raging Grace

If life were fair, hard work and perseverance would be justly remunerated and Joy would be, if not wealthy, at least secure; an undocumented Filipina immigrant working as
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Celebrated “international author of the year,” Claire Rivers is not so much pouring herself into her new novel as pouring another bottle of wine into herself, with bills
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Godzilla Minus One

For Japanese fighter pilot Kōichi Shikishima the return to his family home in Tokyo is only the latest step in a spiral of devastation, disillusionment and trauma, finding
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The Portrait

It was a tragedy for which no one was directly responsible though Sofia blames herself, her husband Alex struck a glancing blow by a car and suffering a
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Casino Raiders

It is no surprise that a man who regards himself as “Asia’s number one gambler” has an ego, Crab Chan released from prison and picked up by a
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