Month: February 2024

The G

Getting older is no joke for Ann, affectionately known as “the G” by Emma, though affection is not a term most would associate with Ann, the accumulation of
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Perdita Durango

Her name implies she is the lost woman of Mexico, assumed to be alone and an easy pickup, but Perdita Durango is nobody’s fool, direct and devastating, possessed
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History of Evil

Can a place be tainted by the actions of those who inhabited it before, a sickness seeping into the foundations and the walls, like damp turning to mould,
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It’s not unusual for a writer to coordinate the obligations of their professional and personal lives to best advantage, but investigating the concept of fear in the context
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Deliver Us

Dispatched from St Petersburg for “verification of a divine event,” Father Fox is reticent to accept his assignment, already planning to leave the priesthood, move to Canada and
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