Month: March 2024

Restore Point

With any advance in society, it is the wealthy who benefit the most and the fastest, factory owners reaping the rewards of automation while their workers face redundancy,
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Terrible Things

A thick chemical smog hangs over the hills and the denuded trees, a lone figure in hazmat suit and gasmask making their way under the thundery skies and
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In most every children’s storybook there is a monster to be defeated, but sat in bed reading the adventures of Kilt the Pict before bedtime she didn’t expect
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The Comedy Man

The curtains go down and the audience applauds, the names forgotten but the laughter lasting, though Chick Byrd is determined to make his final night of a curtailed
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The Well

Sambuci, a village nestled in fogbound trees where the wolves howl at night, accessible only by a long coach ride through the mountains, Lisa Grey considering the demanding
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