Month: April 2024


It is the farthest continuously manned outpost of humanity, the International Space Station, launched in November 1998 and orbiting around four hundred kilometres above the surface of the
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Basket Case

A native of Glens Falls, New York, it is Duane Bradley’s first trip to the big city, an apparently innocent young man but one who is focused on
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The Crazies

Evans City set in the green farmland of rural western Pennsylvania where the entire population of the small town and the surrounding areas is below 4,000 people, a
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Jericho Ridge

Raising a child isn’t easy even under ideal circumstances, something Deputy Tabby Temple can only dream of, a single mother recently demoted at work and her teenage son
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Living together in the apartment they once shared with their late mother, siblings Kaleb and Manon both have ambition but are moving in very different directions, he wishing
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The Coffee Table

A new baby is inevitably stressful, as is moving house; for María and Jesús Borobia the two events have coincided, little Cayetano arriving and causing disruption and making
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It is apparently the perfectly planned heist, six strangers, each with a particular expertise or proficiency, brought together anonymously and given codenames inspired by the Rat Pack by
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Black Mask

It was not a minor undertaking, a group of operatives known as Squad 701 who “in a certain country up north” were subjected to surgery to remove their
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