Month: July 2018

Incredibles 2

Such is the position of Pixar as one of the pre-eminent global entertainment brands, a standing greatly helped by their partnership with Walt Disney, that it seems astonishing
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A year past the release of his debut feature, his challenging and disturbing look at the world of an isolated orphan through The Eyes of My Mother, director
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Dark Crimes

A disgraced former police detective obsesses over the cold case of an unsolved murder; removed from active investigations he has managed to remain within the force, partially protected
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In Darkness

Sofia has lived in darkness for most of her life, blind since she was a child; a sought-after musician, she does not answer when asked if the loss
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The First Purge

If there is one certainty which can be guaranteed in any horror franchise, beyond shocks, narrative twists or enduring quality, it is unnecessary sequels prequels and remakes, otherwise
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It’s often said you can’t go home again, but sometimes it is more true to say that you shouldn’t; for Philip Connell, Fallmarsh in Norfolk has nothing but
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The Addiction

A New York filmmaker whose works have rarely strayed far from those streets, while an allegorical vampire tale might not have been a project expected of Abel Ferrara,
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Blood Fest

Screening as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival‘s Night Moves thread, writer/director Owen Egerton was present for the late night international premiere of his second feature Blood
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