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Wonder Woman

War. War never changes. Ever since Neanderthal man learned to make tools to hunt, our species has spent thousands of years refining the ways in which to kill
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Dry Blood

Brian Barnes has made a decision: it’s time to get clean and sober. Retreating to the cabin he owned with his ex-wife on the lower slopes of the
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The giant monster movie has been a staple of cinema for eighty years, through King Kong and Godzilla which created the template followed by a plethora of B-movies
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Alien Covenant

The release of Prometheus in 2012 should have been a cause of celebration for fans of science fiction, horror and cinema in general, the return of Ridley Scott
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Accidental Exorcist

There is a dignified order to the rites of exorcism; investigations by the church, demonstrations that there is indeed demonic possession, the approval and sanction of senior members
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