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The heist movie can take many forms, from the careful planning and execution of Ocean’s Eleven and Logan Lucky to the waylaid getaways of Witching and Bitching or
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The Dark Tower

Young Jake Chambers (Legends‘ Tom Taylor) suffers from nightmares of a strange world where a wrongness permeates the atmosphere, where sirens sound across the land and a man
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A Ghost Story

Against the eternity of time, we are ephemeral, as transient as the shifting clouds which obscure the heavens, the stars above remaining apparently unchanged. Almost every story ever
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Genocidal Organ

By 2022 the War on Terror has evolved following the terrorist destruction of Sarajevo by a homemade nuclear device. Developed countries like America have become insular with civil
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Carl has had bad nights and bad mornings before. It’s a year since he was released from prison and he no longer drinks. “It sends me off,” he
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Tom of Finland

Screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and introduced to the capacity crowd by director Dome Karukoski, the story of Touko Laaksonen is one of contradictions, an artist
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