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The Tank

It’s rare for unexpected good news to make a genuine difference but for Jules and Ben Adams, struggling to make ends meet at their exotic pet shop in
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5000 Space Aliens

According to a top secret report by the Space Alien Commission, produced in 2021 but only now seeing the light of day, albeit clandestinely, their research has indicated
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Boy Makes Girl

On paper, Aaron Barnes is apparently successful, a computer programmer specialising in artificial intelligence who has worked with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, yet personally he is a disaster;
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Doctor Jekyll

While stories of duality and the “beast within” have always been a part of human history, since its writing Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and
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When Evil Lurks

A series of gunshots ringing out in the night from near the forest, it was an ill omen heard by brothers Pedro and Jaime “Jimi” Yazurlo, investigating at
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Suitable Flesh

To outward appearances, psychiatrist Doctor Elizabeth Derby would appear to have the perfect life, a private practice with a steady stream of well-to-do patients and a handsome husband
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Dark Harvest

An unnamed town, an unnamed state, presumably in the sun-warmed Midwest, the fields full and unharvested even in late October when the annual ritual begins, the rise of
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Night of the Hunted

A long trip through the desert at night, pharmaceutical company executive Alice dozing while colleague and road trip buddy with benefits John takes the wheel, rousing occasionally to
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It Lives Inside

A child of two cultures, Samidha’s home life with her parents reflects her East Indian heritage, her traditionally dressed mother Poorna maintaining the rituals and celebrations of their
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