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Messiah of Evil

It was a town once called New Bethlehem but now renamed Point Dune, an enclosed community which doesn’t welcome outsiders or make any concessions for tourists; the artist
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Eyes of Fire

The American Frontier in the year 1750, home to the pilgrims who fled persecution in Europe but had taken their own strict rules and observances with them to
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Family is forever whether you want it or not, Julia Sullivan having done her best to leave her past far behind her, not having had any contact with
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The island of Skye off the north west coast of Scotland, the only barrier between it and the storms coming off the Atlantic Ocean the thin strip of
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Death Drop Gorgeous

It’s a rough homecoming for Dwayne, the relationship which prompted him to relocate to the city with high hopes ended and now sleeping on his friend Brian’s couch
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Poor Things

In blue pleats the woman stands atop the bridge against billowing grey clouds before plunging into the dark waters of the Thames; her body pulled from the water,
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Forgotten Lake

It’s almost expected that the camp counsellors will tell spooky stories over the campfire to scare their teenage charges, a rite of passage of the summer camp experience
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