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It’s not unknown for science fiction programming to have an educational aspect: the early seasons of Doctor Who were intended to alternate between stories set in the future
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The Initiation

If there were a checklist of low budget slasher movie clichés, there is little doubt that The Initiation would hit every box: nubile teenagers, often played by actors
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“It’s a bit dodgy, this process. You never know what you’re going to end up with.” The Doctor was talking of the regeneration process, but he could as
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Burnt Offerings

Where horror has moved towards personal threat typified by the unstoppable killing machine who stalks their victims, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees and their descendents who persist in modern
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Dark Water

It was at a film festival that Japanese director Hideo Nakata once saw the late Wes Craven comment to the audience that to direct any more than two
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“At one point or another, we were all new to this world. The Newcomers are just looking for the same thing we are: to be free, to stake
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One of the most prolific, successful, acclaimed and influential horror writers of all time, there is no doubting the position of Stephen King in modern literature or popular
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It is December 1959, an era of fear of the Cold War between Russian and America, each fighting for political, economic and technological supremacy, but also the optimism
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