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Pandora’s Box

She is Lulu, sophisticated, intelligent and an agent of chaos, a dancer who delights all those who lay eyes upon her, a wide-eyed innocent who provokes desire in
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King and Country

The mud fields of Passchendaele in western Belgium in late 1917, three years into the Great War, and twenty-three-year-old Private Arthur James Hamp, a former bootmaker from Islington
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The darkened skies outside shaded the colour of smog, a sickly green pallor which permeates every corner of the building, the walls inside are stained nicotine brown, the
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The Others

A lonely house shrouded by the fog of the English Channel, despite the many empty rooms across the floors it is occupied only by three people, Grace Stewart
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The spring of 1942, the third year of the Second World War and following the attack on Pearl Harbour the United States has joined the conflict, offering support
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Valley Girl

If there is a phrase to explain the enduring reputation of Valley Girl, a low-budget teen comedy released in early 1983 which pulled in fifty times its budget
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Blazing Magnum

It is perhaps emblematic of the international cross-pollination which gave rise to director Alberto De Martino’s 1976 police thriller that it is known under so many titles, Una
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