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Evil Ed

There is a long history of films about cinema and the filmmaking process, from the classics Singin’ in the Rain and Sunset Boulevard to more recent features such
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Twin Peaks

“I’ll see you again in twenty five years.” Those words were spoken by someone who looked very much like Laura Palmer to FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper in
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Even in the often bizarre work of prolific Italian writer and director Dario Argento his 1985 horror Phenomena is an oddity, made without his father Salvatore and brother
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The City of the Dead

An imposing figure standing at 6’5” with an equally imposing resume of over two hundred film roles, it is inevitable that many of the works with which Christopher
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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants.” So wrote Sir Isaac Newton to Robert Hooke on February 5th 1675, a statement
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Shut In

By day, Mary Portman is strong. A widow who lives with her teenage stepson, Steven, in a permanent vegetative state since the accident which claimed the life of
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