Month: December 2021

Red Angel

It opens to the sounds of gunfire and images of war, the dead, nothing spared, a tone which continues throughout Yasuzo Masumura’s Red Angel (赤い天使, Akai Tenshi), adapted
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Hotel Poseidon

The Hotel Poseidon is drowning in filth, misery and decay. The walls and dishes are dirty, and every word can be heard through the thin walls, intrusive and
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The King’s Man

A shadow has fallen across Europe and beyond, stretching from Russia to distant America, at its centre a figure who is pulling the strings of the nations like
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Launched in the mid-fifties, American International Pictures was a prolific independent studio whose reputation was justifiably linked with B-movies: science fiction, horror, exploitation, shot quickly and cheaply, so
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The Mangler

Rikers Valley, “the industrial heart of Maine,” and at the heart of the town is Gartley’s Blue Ribbon Laundry, providing employment and clean linen to the surrounding neighbourhoods
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