Everyone knows the sounds of the own home, the nocturnal whirr of the refrigerator, the creak of the floorboards shifting as they are warmed by hot water pipes beneath, and equally they know when something is out of place, Clara woken once again at 2:38am by a persistent electronic bleep which she is determined to investigate, alone if need be.

Her husband Jason practiced in ignoring things, when he finally joins Clara in the kitchen he is blunt: “You think it might be in your head?” But then he hears it too, and more, sees it amongst the loose-hanging cupboard doors and other odd jobs he never quite got around to such as the dodgy ignition on the gas cooker, a soft light suspended in mid-air, pulsing in time with the unidentified bleep…

A short film with an air of supernatural mystery about it, Bleep is directed by Ben S Hyland from a script co-written with Mark Brennan, starring Rebecca Shorrocks and Paul F Taylor as Clara and Jason, later joined by Toby Williams as a ghost hunter engaged to investigate the unexplained phenomena manifesting in the house and centred on the kitchen.

Clara and Jason pouring out a catalogue of marital resentments into the situation, trapped in a pattern they can’t break or escape from ‘til death do they part, the rug pull comes perhaps a moment too early but playing out as a comedy inversion of Poltergeist the film manages to keep the joke running just long enough to light the smouldering flames beneath the discord.

Bleep will be available on the Arrow platform from Friday 12th April



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