Month: May 2022

I Am a Camera

An Englishman abroad, Christopher Isherwood visited Berlin twice in 1929 before moving there towards the end of that year, his home until 1933 and the inspiration for the
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The Innocents

A new place and a new beginning, a high-rise block of flats atop a wooded hill, open spaces to explore and new friends to make, everything is different
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“Society has many ways of defending itself: red tape, prison bars, or the revolver.” Three friends separated by time and circumstance, one of them has reached the end
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Outside the Law

Their names most often thought of in association with horror, Tod Browning having directed Dracula and Freaks as well as London After Midnight, one of the most sought-after
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The Sadness

It’s just another morning in Taiwan, Jim and Kat waking before the alarm, she heading to work on the subway and he exchanging pleasantries with the neighbour while
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