Month: December 2019

Being There

It was in January 1978 that the legendary comedian Peter Sellers appeared as a guest of The Muppet Show where he was invited by host Kermit the Frog
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Edge of the Axe

She might not ever get rich, soon enough she’ll be dead in a ditch, murdered at the car wash, yeah! Thus was the fate of traumatologist Mirna Dobson,
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Cloak and Dagger

An agent of the Office of Strategic Services, “the cloak and dagger boys,” as they are known in Washington, Colonel Clem Walsh pays a visit to a his
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Richard inherited two things from his father: wealth beyond the dreams of most ordinary people and a hair-trigger violent temper. His girlfriend, Sasha, and his best friend, Jonah,
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On the Waterfront

There is trouble on the waterfront for anyone who wants to make an honest living, for anyone who crosses Michael “Johnny Friendly” Skelly. One of those who did
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The Exorcist III

October 9th, 1975; Father Damien Karras falls to his death through a window and down a long flight of stone steps while performing a sanctioned exorcism on Regan
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