Month: July 2023

Talk to Me

Another night in Adelaide and another house party of smoking, drinking and lighting the candle before taking hold of the embalmed hand and saying the words “talk to
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Cross of Iron

If war is chaos, then so is filmmaking, particularly when the director is the already notorious Sam Peckinpah whose films were as known for their violence and nihilism
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The Inhabitant

It’s hard enough being a teenage girl without believing that you are might also be cursed simply because of the family you were born into; seventeen years old,
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It is said that history is written by the winners but in war there are no winners, only degrees of losing, the final tolls of death and destruction
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Hollywood loves a bandwagon to jump on, and while the creature feature was never bigger than in the fifties with atomic tests causing lizards, insects and random people
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It was at 2:47 on Thursday 5th August 2020 that a team of physicists working on a secret project created an artificial black hole, a result which might
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The Conspiracy

The modern day is regarded as the age of information, but with a population overwhelmed by multiple channels of competing data, much of it contradictory, unfiltered and biased
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