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The Others

A lonely house shrouded by the fog of the English Channel, despite the many empty rooms across the floors it is occupied only by three people, Grace Stewart
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The spring of 1942, the third year of the Second World War and following the attack on Pearl Harbour the United States has joined the conflict, offering support
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Valley Girl

If there is a phrase to explain the enduring reputation of Valley Girl, a low-budget teen comedy released in early 1983 which pulled in fifty times its budget
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Blazing Magnum

It is perhaps emblematic of the international cross-pollination which gave rise to director Alberto De Martino’s 1976 police thriller that it is known under so many titles, Una
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The Antichrist

A tragedy which overshadowed the life of Ippolita Oderisi, she was twelve years old when, driving at night, her father’s inattention to the road ahead of them resulted
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Cross of Iron

If war is chaos, then so is filmmaking, particularly when the director is the already notorious Sam Peckinpah whose films were as known for their violence and nihilism
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