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Boys will be boys, the saying goes, and when four of them get together to spend an afternoon in the sun sooner or later the games will turn to dares and someone will pick the short straw, and it’s just luck that it would be the kid in the most recognisable top, a mustard hoodie suitably branded as Delinquent Brothers called upon to perform the swipe and dash…

Challenged to enter the convenience store and then scarper with a top shelf girlie magazine for he and his friends’ titillation, obviously without paying, that is the easy part; what is not so easy to escape is the confrontation some weeks later when Kyle his mother are eating in the neighbourhood diner and the memory of that same mustard hoodie rises in the mind of the man sat at the booth opposite…

Swipe; Kyle (Nick G Hunter) draws the short straw.

A short film of everyday shenanigans and unavoidable comeuppance written and directed by Anthony Sneed, Swipe stars Nick G Hunter as fifteen-year-old Kyle with Alina Phelan as his mother and Lorenzo Rodriguez as the wronged store owner seeking his rightful restitution, with support from Leighton Spillane, Bryson Robinson and C J Johnson as the friends who egg Kyle onwards in his folly.

The familiar strings of Mozart’s Symphony Number Forty (in G Minor) fading up and down as the action takes place and approaches a crescendo, just desserts served alongside juicy burgers in the diner of destiny, Swipe presents the perfect payoff, without accusation or need for escalation, the transactional justice Old Testament which calls for an eye for an eye, swift and pointed as a drive by shooting.

Swipe will be available on the Arrow platform from Friday 7th June

Swipe; Kyle (Nick G Hunter) finds the consequences of his ill-advised actions have caught up with him.



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