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It’s just a bit of fun for Saff, something to kill time, an activity in which she gets to play the boss, her request that housemate June fetch the pink and yellow birthday cake candles from the next room coming off more like an order and Kate only going along because she feels pressured into it, reticent from the outset but not wanting to cause a scene in the dimmed light of the séance.

That honour instead goes to Jessie who walks in on the trio, causing them to jump and break the glass which had sat on the Ouija board on the small coffee table, an intrusion into the game which sets off the already tense situation, Kate taking the opportunity to express the anger she has kept to herself, not realising who is listening.

A Bit of Fun; Saff, June, Kate (Tess Annan, Roxana Chakrabarti, Elizabeth McCafferty) prepare to begin the séance.

A short film of crafty misdirection, A Bit of Fun is sharply directed by Florence Kosky from a deceptively simple script by Fergus Church, starring Tess Annan, Roxana Chakrabarti, Elizabeth McCafferty and Tallulah Bond as Saff, June, Kate and Jessie, looking beyond the veil and pushing the boundaries of their friendship as they seek to converse with the spirit which they believe resides in the house.

The camera creeping incrementally closer during the séance, from the daft frivolity suggested by candles in a box of leftover Mister Kipling’s French Fancies what started as A Bit of Fun pirouettes in emotion and expectation conveyed with precision by the fractious and later frightened quartet; the dead, apparently, are always honest and always present, the living less so, even with themselves.

A Bit of Fun will be available on the Arrow platform from Friday 14th June

A Bit of Fun; Jessie (Tallulah Bond) finds herself at odds with her housemates, unable to reach them or express herself.



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