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A long, hot summer in Cherokee, North Carolina, and Cricket, Forrest, Wally and Chase are teenage boys who are bored and looking for something to occupy their time, their minds and their idle hands, enjoying the sound of breaking glass, the smell of spray paint, and exploring the burnt-out remains of the Warrior Motel which is supposed to be off limits.

Cricket the only one of the four brave enough to go in to retrieve a skateboard when the others are scared by the wildlife which has taken residence, afternoon turns to evening and they drift off the reservation, their thoughts turning to the world beyond which awaits them as they grow older, finding themselves at the nearby strip club where, as they watch, Cricket’s mom’s car pulls up and she enters, presumably to work her shift.

Stripper the latest short film from Anthony Sneed, director of Suck and Swipe, as tadpoles turn to frogs Cricket (Fenix Taylor) finds he must also grow and change, his fears confirmed when his mother Ashley (Crystle Lightning) arrives home late with a bundle of bills she claims were tips, unashamed at being a working mom while he is quietly mortified.

His embarrassment that his mom is a stripper amplified by the discovery being shared with his friends (Tayvin Bark, Noah Rosset and Kale Walkingstick), Cricket takes on a challenge to restore what he perceives as lost honour, setting out to exonerate her name and by extension his own but ending up with a different prize; teenage boys may tease, but they can also forgive and recognise the heroes in their midst.

Stripper will be available on the Arrow platform from Friday 7th June



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