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It’s a seller’s market, Sabrina and Brian looking for a new apartment and estate agent Luther running late for the appointment; after all, with a desirable property in his portfolio and a queue of potential buyers biting at his hand, why should he make the effort? Yet inside, everything changes: Sabrina wants the apartment, and it’s up to Brian to make it happen or disappoint his wife.

Luther playing hard to get, Brian ups his offer but Luther makes him a counteroffer, unexpected, unconventional, inappropriate, one which in another time and place Brian would likely refuse without hesitation, but which in the circumstances he feels cornered into accepting, a door opened in his mind which leads to him stalking Luther, requesting another encounter…

Written and directed by Anthony Sneed, Suck is an absurd comedy of the expectations of masculine behaviour imposed from childhood, now compromised by an act enforced upon Brian (Jared Weil) without his consent by Luther (Sneed himself, oleaginous and sickeningly self-assured), feeling he had no choice but to comply and now unable to suppress his urges.

Brian’s craving an addiction, Sabrina (Phoebe Tyers) remains oblivious to her husband’s self-doubt and self-destructive behaviour, subjecting himself to humiliation and degradation as his newly discovered oral fixation drives him to seek satisfaction, Suck moving rapidly through obsession to tragedy to necrophilia: people will do anything for property and even a cowboy knows the value of twenty dollars.

Suck will be available on the Arrow platform from Friday 7th June



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