Month: October 2022

Maniacal Mayhem

Just in time for Hallowe’en, Eureka make another triple dip into the vaults of Universal to revisit the career of Boris Karloff with a set of films released
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Dead Bride

Returning to her childhood home in the Italian countryside with her husband Richard and their infant son Seth, the accompanying memories are not good for Alyson, nightmares she
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The Most Dangerous Game

A steamer heading across the ocean to home, the carefree passengers debating scruples and morality belowdecks even as the captain navigates through warning buoys on the narrow channel
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Take Back the Night

She has built herself up from nothing to a breakout visual artist and influencer with a respectable social media following, celebrating the launch of her first solo exhibition
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Two Witches

She sits in the back corner of the restaurant, scowling at the other diners; most of them don’t notice her, enjoying their food and the company they share,
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Dark Glasses

His name once synonymous with Italian horror, director Dario Argento returns to the sunny suburban boulevards of Rome with his first film in ten years, Dark Glasses (Occhiali
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Internet personality Shawn Ruddy has built his dubious career on humiliation in the name of attention, a grown man who says “for realsies” when attempting to convey that
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