Month: November 2022


There is apparently little honour among thieves; their leader Marc saying he will arrange passage to London and they will regroup in a month to divide the share
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Lips of Blood

A director of prolific quantity rather consistent quality, the career of Jean Rollin continues to be revisited by Arrow with their third volume of selections from his back
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The Teckman Mystery

Philip Chance, novelist, has been obliged to leave his comfortable existence in the south of France for a meeting with his publisher who wishes his next project to
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It was in 1518 that Connor MacLeod was born in the village of Glenfinnan near the banks of Loch Shiel, growing to be a man well-liked and admired
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Audrey Rose

A carefree afternoon in Central Park, Madison Avenue advertising executive Bill Templeton and his wife Janice enjoying the late summer sun with their only child Ivy, born at
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