Month: May 2023

Beau is Afraid

Beau is middle aged and lives alone in a near-derelict block of apartments in a neighbourhood of selfish, cruel and dangerous people. A customary sloucher who is permanently
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A Woman Kills

It was in October 1965 that Hélène Picard was arrested for murder, found next to the mutilated body of a prostitute known only as Cathy; an unstable and
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Creeping Horror

A double-disc dip into the Universal archives, Eureka have dusted off further monochrome monstrosities for their Blu-ray collection entitled Creeping Horror, comprising A Edward Sutherland’s Murders in the
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The Bullet Train

The Hikari 109 high speed train is making its scheduled 9:38 departure from Tokyo for Hakata, carrying 1,500 passengers the 1,100 kilometres and with top speeds above 200km
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The Four Musketeers

Filmed back-to-back with The Three Musketeers and released the following year with its premiere in Berlin in October 1974, The Four Musketeers was less a reuniting of the
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A tale of two star-crossed lovers, but which star? One doomed to go supernova? Or more immediately, “What’s your favourite planet?” That’s the question Tess poses to Harry,
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