Month: May 2024


A South Brooklyn apartment in the midst of an ice storm, exterminator Frank has been called to attend by elderly and confused Helga who thinks there are animals
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You can’t teach an old dogs new tricks, it would seem, just better ways of doing them; a jewel thief just out of prison after serving five years,
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New Life

She’s traumatised and confused, trying to make her way home unseen, the streets in the early hours fortunately deserted so no one can see the blood on her
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Grave Robbers

It was a betrayal of all the Catholic church held dear, one of their members denouncing his faith and turning to Satan, abducting a local woman for use
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Doom Asylum

With five million dollars in the bank following a successful court case payday, palimony attorney Mitch Hansen and his girlfriend Judy LaRue might be newly wealthy but they
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Tiger Stripes

They are best friends who do everything together, inside their school and outside on the river bank on the cusp of the jungle which surrounds their village in
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Eaten Alive

It’s a hard and unforgiving life in the backwoods of Texas, Clara Wood a naïve girl who has tried her hand as a working girl at Miss Hattie’s
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