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Meat Friend

It’s all part of the great circle of life, happy cows grazing in a field which then become slabs of meat hanging in a freezer locker before being
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Terrible Things

A thick chemical smog hangs over the hills and the denuded trees, a lone figure in hazmat suit and gasmask making their way under the thundery skies and
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Lovers Lane

It’s been thirteen years since the Valentine’s Day murders at Lovers Lane, Sheriff Tom Anderson summoned to the scene only to find his wife Harriet was one of
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There is apparently little honour among thieves; their leader Marc saying he will arrange passage to London and they will regroup in a month to divide the share
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Lips of Blood

A director of prolific quantity rather consistent quality, the career of Jean Rollin continues to be revisited by Arrow with their third volume of selections from his back
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Take Back the Night

She has built herself up from nothing to a breakout visual artist and influencer with a respectable social media following, celebrating the launch of her first solo exhibition
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Tourist Trap

Five friends travelling in a convoy through the backroads of the California hills under the scorching sun, Woody and Eileen suffer a flat tyre when they hit a
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Girls Nite Out

DeWitt University, Westville, Ohio, and on the basketball court the DeWitt Bears eke their way to victory in the final seconds thanks to Pete “Maniac” Kriziniac; it’s going
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