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Mars Express

It was perhaps something she should have anticipated, private investigator Aline Ruby and her partner Carlos Rivera arriving home via Rocosmos flight ME187, the Mars Express, in their
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Celebrated “international author of the year,” Claire Rivers is not so much pouring herself into her new novel as pouring another bottle of wine into herself, with bills
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Boy Makes Girl

On paper, Aaron Barnes is apparently successful, a computer programmer specialising in artificial intelligence who has worked with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, yet personally he is a disaster;
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The Creator

Technological advance is incremental but its progress is inevitable, the introduction of androids possessed of an adaptive artificial intelligence called Simulants to perform household chores efficiently and without
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Jordan and Connie are torn; do they commit themselves to a child, a new life brought into the world, or do they instead embrace Alivia, the artificial intelligence
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It was in January 2011 that astronaut Brian Harper became a victim of the conspiracy of silence, in orbit as part of the crew of the space shuttle
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Good morning, Ria! She rises, dresses, makes breakfast for Jack, tends to the housework then makes dinner, wife, housemaid and lover, the perfect woman who maintains a strict
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Absolute Denial

The human brain the most complex organ of the human body, the pinnacle of the random trials and many errors of evolution capable of rational deductions and complex
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I Am

After another restless night of bad dreams, Noé walks through the forest where she finds what appears to be a body of a child, or something which resembles
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