Tag: Ethan Hawke

The Black Phone

North Denver, 1978; school is hell for Finney Shaw, targeted by a gang of bullies for whom taunts and cruel behaviour are less satisfying than physical violence, nor
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The Northman

From a Puritan family whittled down by tragedy in the misty forests of New England to an island occupied by two men whose sanity is eroded by the
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A surly stranger walks into a bar, confrontational and challenging, but the bartender finds them interesting; conversation ensues. The stranger reveals to the bartender they’re a writer who
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The Purge

The best science fiction and horror stories are those which are not actually about what they are about. Written and directed by James DeMonaco, The Purge is being
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Moving house is a stressful ordeal, even at the best of times. A forced relocation due to money troubles with two young children in tow where the husband
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