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The Antichrist

A tragedy which overshadowed the life of Ippolita Oderisi, she was twelve years old when, driving at night, her father’s inattention to the road ahead of them resulted
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Dead Bride

Returning to her childhood home in the Italian countryside with her husband Richard and their infant son Seth, the accompanying memories are not good for Alyson, nightmares she
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The Last Rite

Lucy Morgan, medical student, living with her art dealer boyfriend Ben in their model home with its white walls and tasteful white furnishings, suffering from sleep paralysis and
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Flee the Light

It’s Andra’s birthday and her sister Delfi wants it to be perfect; the first attempt at breakfast overcooked, she throws it out and starts again so as not
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It’s another late night for enthusiastic television presenter Ángela Vidal and her cameraman Pablo as they make the rounds of Barcelona after dark in the company of a
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The Cleansing Hour

Their streaming “exorcism of the week” show a modest but stable hit, it is apparent to producer Drew that The Cleansing Hour has peaked, that the undeniable appeal
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Deliver Us

The words and images of the Catholic rite of exorcism are familiar from dozens of horror films, from the most famous of them all, The Exorcist itself, through
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Accidental Exorcist

There is a dignified order to the rites of exorcism; investigations by the church, demonstrations that there is indeed demonic possession, the approval and sanction of senior members
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It’s probably safe to say that Charlie’s pregnancy wasn’t planned; out on the town doing shots with the gang, she finishes the night throwing up in an alleyway
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