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It’s the end of the season at the North Sea Cottages, a summer camp retreat for gifted children, the counsellors and their charges sat around the fire as
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Crow Hand!!!

The collective term for their kind “a murder of crows,” it is a sinister but undeserved term for a genus Corvus whose many species are found the world
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Her mother an iconic filmmaker renowned in the stop motion animation community who has now lost the ability to continue her craft through crippling arthritis, Ella Blake has
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Grave Robbers

It was a betrayal of all the Catholic church held dear, one of their members denouncing his faith and turning to Satan, abducting a local woman for use
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Waking by a wrecked car on a narrow strip of road, beyond it the valley dropping away to fog, a vague shroud over the world, Nathan is both
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Doom Asylum

With five million dollars in the bank following a successful court case payday, palimony attorney Mitch Hansen and his girlfriend Judy LaRue might be newly wealthy but they
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Tiger Stripes

They are best friends who do everything together, inside their school and outside on the river bank on the cusp of the jungle which surrounds their village in
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Joy Wilkes is on a schedule, her ovulation calendar dictating when her dutiful and somewhat resigned husband Harry is to attend to her needs, yet pregnancy has apparently
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