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The Soul Eater

It is an unconventional first encounter, Gendarme Franck de Rolan forced to hitch-hike to get to the remote village of Roquenoir, once a spa town but now struggling
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Circle of Danger

Six years after the war the dust has settled but questions remain unanswered for Clay Douglas, his younger brother having relocated to Britain to sign up to fight
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The Pale Blue Eye

There is a penetrating and cruel coldness in the air around the West Point Military Academy in New York State, beyond the perpetual snow of the seemingly endless
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The Teckman Mystery

Philip Chance, novelist, has been obliged to leave his comfortable existence in the south of France for a meeting with his publisher who wishes his next project to
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The Stones

Subjected to an assault at the school at which he works, more upsetting than injurious, teacher Nick walks out of both the job and his relationship with his
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A call from her boyfriend and an ultimatum; Chris is trying to save their long-distance relationship but is Grace? He wants to see her, but she doesn’t seem
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Arctic Void

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub, who do you think they are? There is travel show host Ray Marsh, his producer/director Alan Meursalt, and their replacement cameraman Sean
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The Lodger

It has been twenty years since the funeral of Victor Dardelin, the churchyard crowded as the coffin was lowered to the gentle singing of crew of the ship
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Into the Labyrinth

Her doctor tells her that her disorientation is understandable, waking up in hospital, her broken leg in a plaster cast. Her name is Samantha Andretti, though it may
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