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5000 Space Aliens

According to a top secret report by the Space Alien Commission, produced in 2021 but only now seeing the light of day, albeit clandestinely, their research has indicated
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Doctor Jekyll

While stories of duality and the “beast within” have always been a part of human history, since its writing Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and
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The darkened skies outside shaded the colour of smog, a sickly green pallor which permeates every corner of the building, the walls inside are stained nicotine brown, the
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The Puppetman

The holiday season on campus, everyone is wrapped up in warm jackets and wearing cosy hats, planning to go home as soon as classes finish except for those
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Lester Hackel is a man who has new problems to go along with his existing issues, a grown man with thinning hair who attends Alcoholics Anonymous and lives
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Totally Killer

It’s a shadow which has hung over the town of Vernon for over three decades, the Sweet Sixteen Killer who murdered three girls over the course of the
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Brazil a country of those who have everything they desire yet live in fear behind high iron gates, and those that do not, working long hours for a
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