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The Tank

It’s rare for unexpected good news to make a genuine difference but for Jules and Ben Adams, struggling to make ends meet at their exotic pet shop in
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Night of the Hunted

A long trip through the desert at night, pharmaceutical company executive Alice dozing while colleague and road trip buddy with benefits John takes the wheel, rousing occasionally to
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The sixth in the found footage horror anthology series launched eleven years ago with V/H/S, the latest returns to the golden age of the home video format it
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Blood Flower

It’s a gift which runs in the family, Iqbal bin Salim a healer like his mother Dina, his father Norman and younger sister Ilya spared what the two
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Bad Things

Even in the snows of January it never rains but it pours, Ruthie having unexpectedly inherited a run-down hotel from her grandmother and now making the decision whether
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Hollywood loves a bandwagon to jump on, and while the creature feature was never bigger than in the fifties with atomic tests causing lizards, insects and random people
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Husband and wife healthcare workers attending a conference in her home country of Colombia, Josh and Sofia have failed to make their host Marcos aware of certain relevant
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Brooklyn 45

December 27th, 1945; the war may be over but the friends who gather at the brownstone Brooklyn apartment of Lieutenant Colonel Clive Hockstatter to offer some cold comfort
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