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Beyond the Door

An Englishwoman abroad, Jessica Barrett already has her hands full with two young children underfoot, precocious Ken and Gail, living in San Francisco and finding she is expecting
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The Exorcist – Live

As church bells toll and vespers are devoutly chanted, barely concealing the cacophony of whispered voices which fill the room, the auditorium alternately subjected to blinding light then
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The Exorcist

It’s now almost forty three years since The Exorcist was released in cinemas, one of the most successful, celebrated and controversial horror films of all times, directed by
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Deliver Us From Evil

Recently announced to direct the big screen adaptation of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, the career of Scott Derrickson can most kindly be described as erratic. There was little positive
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The Quiet Ones

“Inspired by actual events,” claims the latest release from the revived British studio Hammer without offering any indication of the source or veracity of the groundless statement, the
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