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Wake Up

It could have been security guard Kevin’s last shift at home goods and flatpack furniture megastore Home Idea but for his brother Jack who intervened when their supervisor
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The Soul Eater

It is an unconventional first encounter, Gendarme Franck de Rolan forced to hitch-hike to get to the remote village of Roquenoir, once a spa town but now struggling
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The G

Getting older is no joke for Ann, affectionately known as “the G” by Emma, though affection is not a term most would associate with Ann, the accumulation of
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Circle of Danger

Six years after the war the dust has settled but questions remain unanswered for Clay Douglas, his younger brother having relocated to Britain to sign up to fight
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The island of Skye off the north west coast of Scotland, the only barrier between it and the storms coming off the Atlantic Ocean the thin strip of
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Celebrated “international author of the year,” Claire Rivers is not so much pouring herself into her new novel as pouring another bottle of wine into herself, with bills
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Mob Land

Trinity Pines, Georgia, a small town defined by poverty where little happens and nothing changes, no distractions other than football, the racing track and hunting in the deep
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February 2014, a simpler time in a simpler place, a picturesque village in the Flemish region of Belgium where even the smiling welcome in the local patisserie makes
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