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From the Dark

In the calm rural scenery of Ireland’s County Offaly, a farmer goes about his business under the wide skies, cutting and stacking peat when he uncovers something, a
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The Strain

It’s five years since Guillermo del Toro, acclaimed producer and director of such films as El espinazo del diablo and El laberinto del fauno as well as more
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With their ambition declared from the outset to create “the world’s greatest video travelogue ever,” under a montage of travel photos bestest buddies Clif and Derek introduce themselves
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Kiss of the Damned

Vampires. Immortal, seductive, destructive, the lonely hunters who walk the night. They have been reinvented time and again in the stories of each generation, from Polidori’s The Vampyre
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“My story can never be told. I write of what I cannot speak. The truth.” So begins the tale of Eleanor Webb, trapped as an eternal teenager, sixteen
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