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Eaten Alive

It’s a hard and unforgiving life in the backwoods of Texas, Clara Wood a naïve girl who has tried her hand as a working girl at Miss Hattie’s
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Family is forever whether you want it or not, Julia Sullivan having done her best to leave her past far behind her, not having had any contact with
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The world we see is not the world as it is but the approximation created within our minds from the torrent of information provided by our senses, colours
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The Slayer

What is nightmare, what is dream, what is madness what is real? For artist Kay Church it scarcely matters anymore, the door open between the two worlds of
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Evil Ed

There is a long history of films about cinema and the filmmaking process, from the classics Singin’ in the Rain and Sunset Boulevard to more recent features such
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Island of Death

“I always know right from the start if I’m going to love or hate a place.” So says Christopher (Bob Belling) to Celia (Jane Ryall), apparently his wife,
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