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The Monster Club

A late night walk for the horror writer R Chetwynd-Hayes, an act of vanity which opens a vein, admiring a book shop which features a prominent window display
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Based upon the novel by Vera Caspary, the opening line of director Otto Premiger’s 1944 adaptation of Laura sets up not only the premise but the style which
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Tower of London

The great Vincent Price had a long and colourful career, much of it in the horror genre, from 1953’s House of Wax, one of the first colour 3D
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Tales of Terror

Having released several films from the archives of Roger Corman over the last year, it is pleasing that Arrow Films have chosen one of the last from their
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The Haunted Palace

When is a Poe not a Poe? Released in 1963, The Haunted Palace was positioned by American International Pictures as the fifth in the series of successful adaptations
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The Comedy of Terrors

It opens with a sombre funeral, but as soon as the mourners depart Waldo Trumbull (Vincent Price) and his assistant Felix Gillie (Peter Lorre) of Hinchley and Trumbull’s
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