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The Vourdalak

Set upon by bandits who have stolen his horse and his belongings, the Marquis Jacques Antoine Saturnin d’Urfé, diplomatic envoy of the King of France, wanders the forest
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Wolf Garden

The sun rises over the fields, the sheep grazing safely behind barbed wire fences, another day for William Cross hiding out in the cottage he has borrowed from
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Wolf Manor

Tempers are fraying at Talbot Manor, Bridgnorth, former residence of famed stage magician the Great Mascalini, his home rented out by the trustees for a film shoot which
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Queer for Fear

Horror a broad church with a diverse congregation, it is also one of the oldest, founded on folklore and communicated through tales cautioning to be wary of everything
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Werewolves Within

His first day on a new posting in remote Beaverfield in snowy Vermont, forest ranger Finn Wheeler has already met the colourful locals, “a bunch of freaks” as
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Dog Soldiers

The Highlands of Scotland, the serene home of mountains and forests, of glorious sunsets and clear rivers and monstrous flesh-eating midges, now become host to a squad of
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Beast Within (Uncaged)

The mechanics of film distribution are sometimes a mystery. When film festival schedules glitter with small gems which never see wider distribution – Eadweard, Sisterhood of Night, Therapy
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